Our Team

We are guided by our values of  Integrity, Quality, Sustainability and Family.

Since 1991, Emergenetics International has evolved steadily into a global human capital company with a mission to reveal thinking and behavioral preferences to help individuals and organizations realize their potential.

Today, Emergenetics International has three regional headquarters overseeing the development of Emergenetics in Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America and the rest of the world; and a growing number of partners, Country and City Representative Offices, and an expanding network ofEmergenetics Associates operating in more than 45 cities globally. Our purpose is to realize people and organizational potential.

We believe that the individual makes a difference and that we can create more cohesive teams and stronger organizations. We are guided by our values of Integrity, Quality, Sustainability and Family.

We develop research-based psychometric instruments that are of quality and integrity, and design and deliver people solutions that engage the individual, through a network of global partners, so that we can achieve our vision of ‘Emergenetics In Every Mind’.


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