Superior Communication Culture through Honoring Cognitive Diversity

Gail Green President & CEO Emergenetics Ontario

In an everchanging  society; Inherent, Acquired and Cognitive Diversity should always be considered whenever a group of people work together toward a common goal.  The critical factor is whether those differences become an obstacle or a catalyst.  By creating diverse teams rooted in trust, leaders can create cultures that value diversity and maximize strengths including the strengths of your team—and it’s only then that those gifts can be leveraged to their utmost capacity.

My Work That Works One Hour Webinar address helps leaders explore how diversity is an organizational value that can build better teams and a positive workplace culture. Based on the principles of Emergenetics, leaders will learn to improve communication, connection and performance through an enlightening process of self-awareness and discovery. Learn how the real magic happens when leaders lead diverse teams with psychological safety to maximize performance

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