ESP Hiring Assessment

ESP reveals a candidate’s job motivation and aptitude so you can determine if there is a match in job compatibility and performance.

ESP Sample ReportESP is the Emergenetics® Selection Program, a revolutionary hiring system that is built on a unique platform of scientific research and client understanding.

The ESP process begins with a customized job analysis consultation with an ESP expert. From here, job competencies for the position are identified and further translated into the distinct ESP Motivator and Aptitude factors. This forms the customized assessment framework that determines the job match for each candidate.

The process concludes with the ESP expert presenting to you results from each candidate. This includes a detailed analysis of the results and recommendations for interviewing based on the results obtained.

ESP is geared specifically to improve bottom line indicators. The assessment is customized based on the job requirements and is built to predict on-the-job performance.

For Hiring

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