Use Cognitive Diversity to Your Advantage And Transform Your Organization!

As someone who later in life (age 65) took the profile and attended the MOTM workshop, I realized the tremendous benefit of re-discovering my strengths and talents at this point in my life. It helped me understand why I had found certain aspects of my professional career more challenging than others and why I had been successful elsewhere. I decided to certify as an Associate to try to help others realize their potential the way in which I had come to understand mine. With every individual or group I facilitated using the profile, there have been tremendous “aha’s” and often relief. My clients have often discovered why they may have been misunderstood or challenged in the past and it has given them a foundation on which to build new experiences, expertise and careers.  This self-awareness has become fundamental to programs, services and coaching I am developing in my new business, the Top 60 Over 60! It’s inspiring to see older adults begin to appreciate who they are as they enter this next stage of their lives.
Helen Hirsch SpenceFounder / CEOTop Sixty Over SixtyOttawa, Ontario, Canada

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